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OttoLog application notes

Data recording and trip information examples using OttoLog(TM)

How does it work?

Turn the Otto "on". When Otto is locked to the GPS satellites, indicated when the green light stops flashing, Otto begins recording and storing the location and speed information.

To mark a Point Of Interest (POI) marker, press the right button (the speed button) and press it again when you hear "point of interest". When the button is pressed at that time, you will hear "marked", which confirms that Otto has recorded the current location and time to its memory.

This information is stored in Otto's memory and can be retrieved later by connecting Otto to your PC using the supplied USB cable, and uploading the OttoLog file to the website.

Download the information sheets noted below to get more information.

"Proof of Delivery- PoD"

Proof of Delivery is a common term used with postal and courier services for package tracking and delivery. A similar requirement is also applicable for other service deliveries where deliveries must be accounted for as part of a service contract or in case of a potential customer dispute.

Otto with OttoLog can help. Here are some examples where proof of delivery may prove beneficial:

  • Pizza delivery
  • Home-care worker services
  • Contractor site visits
  • Lawn & garden care on-site services
  • Water delivery
  • Handi-transit patient services
  • Driver-training route validation

Click here for the application note and more details.

"Mileage Logbook"

Tracking business miles or kilometres can be annoying, but is a necessity for many salespeople and self-employed entrepreneurs who must keep records for income tax purposes.

Most business trips are done by car, and the vehicles most often used are personal or company cars in which every mile or kilometre must be recorded.

Otto with OttoLog can help. Here are some examples where Otto's mileage log may prove beneficial:

  • Outside Sales Executives
  • Self-Employed business people
  • Trucking firms (fuel tax deductions)
  • Trucking firms (public off-road vs. private road use)
  • Trucking corridor audits

Click here for the application note and more details.

"Employment Standards Code (Manitoba) Effects on Employers"

The Province of Manitoba amended the Employment Standards Code and the amendment became law on April 30, 2007.

The changes affects employers and their ability to deduct wages to cover any costs related to:

  • Company vehicle accidents
  • Speeding tickets
  • Parking tickets
  • Faulty work
  • Loss of customers

Employers are now required to cover the costs directly and then determine wheter or not to pursue the employee by means of criminal or civil court.

Click here for the application note and more details.

"Driving Behaviour"

Vehicle safety continues to evolve with factory installed safety monitoring devices. New GPS road safety applications are now focused on the driver as well as the vehicle. This is done in order to assess the behavior of the drivers in different driving environments.

Excessive speeding, quick accelerations and hard braking affect vehicle performance, increase fuel consumption, and increase maintenance costs to keep the vehicle on the road.

Otto with OttoLog can help provide you with driving behaviour information. Here are some application examples where such information may prove beneficial:

  • Leased vehicle driver monitoring
  • Commercial delivery driving behaviour
  • Novice driver monitoring
  • Public-servant driving behaviour
  • Environmental impact of driving behaviours
  • Car rental driving behaviour

Click here for the application note and more details.

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