Meet Otto, your personal driving companion. Find out how Otto can help you, how Otto works, and what you will get by making Otto your own.

What is Otto?

Otto is a portable device that is about the size of a pocket calculator. Using GPS technology, Otto can calculate the speed and location of your vehicle. Using coverage maps that are pre-loaded on the device, Otto compares your location relative to the map's information and notifies you if you are speeding or approaching any of the zones that have been mapped in your area.

The alert is provided through the device's speaker and by the lights on the front of the device. Location-based alerts are helpful to focus your attention on the road ahead, to prevent speeding and possible speeding tickets, and to drive carefully through your community's safety zones that include school zones and playgrounds.

Otto is also a trip recorder and stores your trip information into its memory. In a similar way as using a "USB stick", you can take your Otto device into your home, connect it to a PC using the supplied USB cable, and you can upload your trip diary to the website and then generate and print off your trip diary reports. For more information on the OttoLog trip diary functionality, click here to view the OttoLog User guide.

Otto is not a GPS navigation system and will not provide you with directions on how to drive from your current location to a desired destination.

Otto is not a radar detector and is not illegal. Otto provides you with information that is currently posted in the form of road signs along the streets. Otto has been in use in many jurisdications since July of 2005.

Otto's alerts, sounds, speed limit settings, and trip diary log file can all be configured and personalized to your requirements. Just connect the device to your PC using the supplied USB cable, open an Internet Explorer Web Browser (only Internet Explorer and requires that you accept a download of an ActiveX control to your PC), browse to the website, and manage your configuration through the web pages displayed to you. Further information on the device configuration settings and PC requirements can be downloaded here.

Where does Otto operate?

Otto's in-vehicle driving assistance through the audible and visual notification is only available in those municipalities that have coverage maps including the digital speed limits and safety zones. Outside of these coverage areas, the Otto device can be configured to alert you to speeding at one pre-set speed limit value. The trip diary functionality continues to operate outside of the coverage areas.

Click here to see if Otto includes a coverage map for your area -  coverage area maps.

Is there a subscription fee?

When you purchase an Otto and register your device through the website, you will receive access to the server for map updates and reports for one year at no additional cost. You will have access to all map coverage areas, their updates and any new coverage maps that may be published during the year. After the first year, you can continue to receive these services if you renew your subscription. This is not mandatory and the Otto device will not stop working. If you do not renew, you continue to use your Otto device with the version of the maps that you had prior to the expiry of your subscription.

A nominal subscription fee is used towards maintaining the server with map database updates to keep the information as relevant as possible and to provide you with access to the report generation using the form reports. A home map renewal fee of $19.99/year applies for the home map. There is also a map roaming service that provides you with map updates for all coverage maps published by PERSENTECH. For the model PM2626 device, the maps are pre-loaded on the device and available for your use as you travel from one muncipality to another --> Otto will recognize your position and the municipality you are in automatically and begin providing you with the in-vehicle driving assistance automatically. The roaming service renewal fee is $49.99/year if you decide to renew.

Figure 1 - How Otto works

Will the maps be updated with the new school zone speed limits in Winnipeg?

Yes, as soon as the traffic by-laws are changed with the proposed 30 km/hr speed limits in school zones, the Winnipeg map will be updated and published so that you can update your device. Note that you will already be notified of your approach to a school zone and playground area with the current map information.

Otto is easy to install!

Place the unit on the supplied jelly pad or Velcro (TM) strip, connect it to the supplied cigarette lighter power adapter using the supplied cable, or place two AA batteries in the battery compartment and you are ready to go. Download the installation notes here!

Otto is easy to use!

Begin your journey with Otto's intelligence. As soon as Otto acquires the GPS satellite information, Otto will begin providing you with driving assistance. Otto will be with you to help you to drive safely.

Download the user manual in English here, et le manuel utilisateur en français ici.

Important notes

The Otto-driving companion device is an after market portable device for use while driving. The device has been designed to be mounted on your dashboard, either using the supplied Velcro (TM) strip, jelly pad, or an optional windshield metal mounting bracket.

The Otto device incorporates three buttons on the front of the device that allow you to turn the unit on or off, change the volume, and interrogate the device for the posted speed limit. Please use the device responsibly and follow all local jurisdiction laws and by-laws while driving as they relate to handheld and portable devices.

The Otto-driving companion device has been designed to operate without user-intervention and can power up automatically when the ignition is turned on and power is applied to the cigarette lighter adapter. No other user-interaction is required.

For additional information on Manitoba's new law, visit:   Manitoba's new cell phone law.

For the definition of "hand-operated electronic device", visit:   Highway traffic act section 215.1(1)

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